Tom TaylorTom Taylor is the State Representative for District 1 in San Juan County, New Mexico. That is in the Northwest corner of the state near the famous Four Corners. The District includes most of Farmington and north to the Colorado border. Representatives serve two-year terms and represent about 26,000 fine folks.

Like our beautiful state, the Land of Enchantment, we are unique. We are a citizen legislature in New Mexico, (one of only two states), which means we don’t receive a salary, only a few bucks each day when we are in sessions. We all have real jobs and just have to figure out how to take about 100 days a year off for politics. We have no year round office and no personal staff, so you just have to call me at home.

The New Mexico Legislature meets for a 60 day session in the odd years and a 30 day session in the even years.   We have an interim committee structure that meets on a monthly basis from May through December.